Immortal Michael Jackson

Today marks the second anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.  Just like most things that have affected me greatly I will always remember the moment I learned that I must continue life without him.  Just as I remember the first moment life with him began.  The alpha was on a sunny Sunday and I was outdoors enjoying a game of jump rope until I heard  —  “Buh buh buh buh buh buh . Da da da da da da.  You went to school to learn girl. What you never never knew before.”

I had stopped mid-jump to plunder “what is that sweet sound calling out to my soul?”  At the age of nine I became hooked in and totally devoted to Michael Jackson.   Yes I was a fan girl before the word “fan girl” ever existed.   Maybe it was created and defined to describe people like me – head over heels in love with someone you had never meet  — A love that has an almost non-existence chance of ever being returned.  Hopelessly and totally devoted to your crush’s ever endeavor —  rising up in  defense of them against any and all unflattering assessments, opinions and reviews.   Yes I was in Michael’s fan girl army and I still wear the battle scars and the badges of honor to prove it.

In 1979 I waited anxiously for Off the Wall to be released.   Rushing to the record store (remember those) after work to purchase a copy.  Hurrying home to listen to it with my second love (sorry J. D. you wasn’t the 1st).  In love with each song before I even heard them.  His voice was the one that sung them….that along was enough for me.

I was in Madison Square Garden in August 1981 when the Jacksons’ tour stopped there.  Yes, Usher I was “jumping, screaming, shouting, waving both hands. “  The next day I was barely able to speak but I could point Michael out in the pictures that I had taken – blurred, darken, images that only my eyes could see – my mind still burning with  each vivid details.

The historical record sales of Thriller, the release of the iconic Thriller video,  the Motown 25 performance, the great fall – I was there for it all.

If twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Myspace, LinkIn and all of these other social networking sites had been created in the 70’s, or 80’s I would hate to think of the kind of stalkish behaviors I would have manifested.    Back then I had to salivate over pictures posted in glossy magazines like Right On! (remember that one), Ebony, Jet, Tiger Beat etc.  I was hungry for every single shred of detail about his life.  I conjured him up in my dreams.  Prayed each and every single night that I would be the one he married.

Then……..we both grew older.   The future would find me still in love but not as devoted.  Age and experience has a way of making you more  — discerning – sometimes hypercritical.

But then on June 24, 2009 on another sunny day for my locale the news broke – Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital and was not breathing.  “He is dead.”  I prepared myself and those around me.  “They are only waiting for his family to make the announcement. “  Then Jermaine appeared on my television screen and the Omega begin.

I still watch his videos on YouTube and listen to his music, allowing my mind to wander back to those years when I longed to hear his voice speaking to me.  Remembering that concert in Madison Square Gardens which was one of the greatest of my life.  Although there will never be a chance to experience him live there will be a chance to experience the essence of his tour performances again.

Cirque Du Soleil has created a show titled Immortal Michael Jackson that will begin touring North America in the fall.  Performances in Canada are already sold out. If you have ever been to a Cirque Du Soleil show you can imagine the kind of spectacular event that this will be.  So I urge you to get you tickets now.  You can find more information about the tour at this link:

And if Michael Jackson fathered identical twin boys from the French West Indies Island of Guadeloupe these are them:

Through dancers such as these — and shows such as the Immortal Michael Jackson — Michael’s spirit lives on!

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